C Cubed is a safety consulting firm helping organizations dramatically improve their safety performance and the overall safety climate of the workplace. Our evidence-based solution integrates the most relevant concepts from behavioral, cognitive, organizational, and social psychology with clients’ safety management systems.  The result is a customized solution to improving safety culture, safety leadership, and safety performance. We create change in the way people think about safety-from management, to front line leaders, and general workforce personnel.

The C Cubed Approach

C Cubed’s approach links together the people factor of safety with organizations’ practices and the physical environment in which they work. We all recognize that without people, practices and tools don’t matter. It is people who must perform safely and C Cubed’s approach zeroes in on how to help people harness their own day-to-day experience for safety. C Cubed does this by integrating knowledge about how we as humans think with how we act and then linking that knowledge with the broader safety climate of practices and procedures, environmental realities, leadership, and company norms. C Cubed’s approach consists of several components:

  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation

Each component is designed to allow for the best, customized fit of knowledge and application to your company and your particular context. The C Cubed approach is designed to be flexible yet comprehensive:

  • Taking what is learned through assessment of your organization’s current safety performance,
  • Targeting training to identified needs,
  • Integrating concepts and tools into daily practice through our follow-up process, and
  • Evaluating change and ROI